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Create Flutter UI,
Easier, Faster, Smarter

Compose Flutter UI from utilies Widget and extensions with cascade notation.

Fluently developing without headache and Nested Hell.

Getting Start

Styling with ease, effortlessly

No more complex object, Niku offers composing both properties and parent directly without adding another layer of complexity.

Helping you focus on widget itself, no more redundant properties as a widget.

"Hello Niku".n
    ..color =
    ..fontSize = 24;

Shorten and shortcut property

Reduce redundant boilerplate code from your codebase, Niku cover many a lot of common pattern code normally found in Flutter app.

Shorten your code, maintain your sanity. No more confusing complex basic pattern.

    ..borderColor =;

    ..rounded = 8

Says goodbye to Nested-Hell

Nested Hell have been a problem for Flutter for a long time. It's undeniable that it's hard to read and maintain and nobody like that.

With Niku, composing UI is simple, you use cascade notation to compose both properties and parent.

    ..w = 50
    ..h = 50
    ..p = 10 // padding =
    ..rounded = 8;

And says hello to Reusable Style

Niku allows you to extract your styling out to anywhere of your code, then reuse it on any widgets.

Without complex styling, helping you to focus on functionality of your apps instead.

// Seperate from your main UI view 
class Styles {
    static final title = "".n
        ..fontSize = 72
        ..color =
// Then main part of your app 
"Reusable Style"..apply = Styles.title;


Niku helps you compose your UI declaratively, without headache.

Korone Drake
Traditional Flutter vs Niku visualize with Korone Drake format

How to get start?

Just add niku to pubspec.yaml and that's it!

Just one line of code away form you to the future of better of experience of developing Flutter apps.

# pubspec.yaml
        sdk: flutter 
    niku: 2.3.3

Still not convinced?

Not sure why Niku is created or how does Niku fits to your codebase?

There's an article written by the creator of Niku explaining the behind the scene, thought process, design decision, and why Niku is created in the first place.

Probably some anime writing some code

Thought Process of Designing a Balance Framework

Behind the scene, why I created it and how I balancing DX and performance

Build better apps together

Flutter without effortlessly styling, reusable stylesheet, elimating Nested Hell.

Join communities of developer building better Flutter apps.